comcastlogo.pngEver spell a website address wrong in your browser address bar, and have something completely unexpected display on your monitor?

No, I'm not talking about an inappropriate website suddenly appearing.

More like when your ISP, such as Comcast, decides to show you their own error search page, instead of Google or Yahoo after you have mistyped an incorrect web address.

Annoying as it is, Comcast does provide an option to disable their DNS redirection service caused by mis-spelled web addresses.

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When it comes to many Android smart phones, making your battery last, can be a challenge.

The problem is, that you become so dependent on your Android phone, the battery drains quickly before you know what happen. And most of the time, the culprit to draining the battery are apps which run all the time and suck the power from your battery.

To find which apps are using the most battery usage, Android provides a simple built-in utility that let's you view battery usage, so you can make the battery last a little longer.

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winlogo.jpgHave you ever wondered who may be connected to your Windows computer shared folders…right now?

If you have created shares to allow access to folders and files, you can easily view who is connected to each share and what files they have opened.

Knowing who is connected to your computer shared folders can be useful if you are on a public wireless network (hopefully your firewall is blocking access) or even when you are on your home wireless network.

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One big complaint many users of Facebook have, is the concern with their account security and privacy.

Since the beginning of Facebook evolution, those concerns have become loud and to Facebook's credit, they have started to implement better security enhancements.

One feature that few people are aware of, is that Facebook actually keeps track of the location from which you have logged into your Facebook account (either from a computer or mobile device).

Having this information, allows you to check, if you think someone has hacked into your account or you noticed suspicious activity on your wall postings.

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Ok, you're cruising along the Internet, connecting to web sites with lightening speed, then before you know it, you are staring at an hour glass waiting…and waiting…and waiting for the page to load.

Eventually you give up waiting, and go elsewhere, only to realize your browsing experience has slowed to a crawl.

No what?

Don't panic.

It's time to troubleshoot, using simple tools and common sense…

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inetsafety.jpgFrom home security systems to LoJack for our cars, security is an important issue in many aspects of our daily lives.

However, when it comes to safeguarding our business from internet security threats, the dangers range long and wide and should be taken seriously.

To protect your business from these threats is not as daunting as one might think. With a little foresight and some proactive preparation, any business no matter how large or small can arm themselves from predatory attacks that risk compromising sensitive data about the company, clients and employees.

This article will address 6 tips to keep your business secure from online threats.

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Getting set up with the Internet is actually an easier process than people give it credit for.

Getting online and being connected through the Internet has become a greater importance today, with computer usage rising at work and home, as well as the rise of mobile technologies such as Smartphone’s and tablets.

When considering an Internet Service Provider, or ISP, the choice is of course that of the individual or family needs of the house.

Many ISP companies also include other services, plus there's the decision of which speed to chose, as well as which areas companies service. Here are some things to consider when choosing an internet provider.

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Contrary to popular belief, the speed of a broadband connection is not dependent only on the service provider, although this can have an effect.

In fact, there are several steps that you can take to improve the connection speed of your internet through minor alterations.

Following are a series of steps to take if your connection is running slower than you would like:

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