If you’re a fan of Google’s revolutionary search engine capabilities, then you might appreciate Google’s very own Google Desktop. Some have even claimed that the super fast search engine defeats most operating systems’ search capabilities

Google Desktop searches every nook and cranny for your files, and that includes web page history, files, music, Gmail, photos, IM conversations, email, and much more. It’s true that Google Desktop easily cuts down on search time for lost files.

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winlogo.jpgWhen in comes to Windows operating systems, knowing how to identify unknown process and when they started can be a big help when troubleshooting problems.

Being able to see how long a Windows process has been running and when it started can provide valuable information that can tell you if the problem began when Windows started or long after the system has been running.

While Windows Vista and Windows 7 has greatly improved task manager and added addition performance tools, such as resource monitor, they still fall short in some areas with providing needed information. Such as when a process started.

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Are you wondering what the buzz about Solid State Disks (SSDs) is all about and whether they're right for you?

Read on to learn how SSDs are better than conventional hard drives and who should upgrade their desktop or laptop hard drive with an SSD.

Conventional hard drives are built using mechanical, moving parts that limit the computer's speed, consume excessive power and have delicate parts that break down or are easily damaged. Solid State Disks offer better performance, consume less power and boast extreme reliability and durability…among other benefits.

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As if Google Maps isn't feature rich already, it just got a big boost from Google by adding Google Earth functionality, with out the need to install the full blown version of Earth.

All that is needed to enable Google Earth in Maps, is the installation of a simple plugin that will allow you to navigate the world's terrain, view cities buildings, or cruise your local area surroundings as if you DID install Google Earth separately.

Here's how the install the Google Earth plugin in Maps…

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Are you prepared if your hard drive crashes? Your recovery disk has helped you recover from certain types of failures. However is it always enough, or do you need an installation disk as well?

To answer the question, it is important to first understand the difference between a recovery disk and installation disk.

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When many people think of bookmarks (Firefox) or favorites (Internet Explorer), they think of a site that was saved as a bookmark or favorite, so you can visit the site later without needing to remember the URL.

But when you think about, a bookmark or favorite can really be anything other than just websites. Here are five ways bookmarks can be used other than just saving (bookmarking) your favorite websites.

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