winlogo.jpgWith today's modern computers, running 64-bit version of Windows is the smart choice if you want faster performance and the capability to run games and multi-media memory thirsty applications.

And now that operating systems, such as Windows 7, 8, and newer versions are fully 64-bit capable, more and more applications are also becoming 64-bit compatible, making the choice to run 64-bit Windows a no brainier.

But, you may have noticed over the past few years, advancements with CPU capabilities have become light years ahead of it's time. Which means, we are are able to stretch the use of our computer hardware well beyond the typical life span.

And because of this, you are left wondering if your Computer hardware is 64-bit compatible.

So instead of plunking down hard earn cash for a new Computer, here's how you can easily check, which may save you money in the long run.

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winlogo.jpgOne would think with the massive hard drive sizes available, you would never run out of disk space.

But we all love our music, photos and videos of friends and families making fools out of themselves…unfortunately at the expensive of taking up so much disk space on your hard drive.

While the best way for cleaning up disk space is to move your music, photos and videos to an external hard drive or USB drive, the drawback is not having them available on your Computer if you don't keep the drive always connected.

So how can you make more disk space available, without sacrificing not having good old Uncle Bud making a fool out of himself on demand?

Simply by searching for large files that have not been accessed in a long time.
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inetsafety.jpgWe are currently living in a connected world. Everywhere you go, you will most likely have access to a computer with an Internet connection.

The computer is used for various things from completing a school assignment to banking. It is therefore, extremely crucial to keep all your files secure in order not be have your personal information compromised.

Here are 5 tips on how you can keep your personal information and files secure.

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Does your mobile bill depress you? Do you wonder how it is possible to use your mobile next to nothing and still receive bills that make your head spin?

Aside from mistakes in the billing system that happen every now and then, there are more fundamental reasons why your mobile bill is so expensive. Here they are, together with what you can do to lower your mobile bill, save some money and spent it on cool gadgets instead.

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winlogo.jpgWindows computers are great, but sometimes we just don’t want to be bothered with all those annoying background beeps, notifications, and alert sounds.

Especially when you are jamming to the latest music that was just downloaded from your favorite music site.

Fortunately, Windows 7 allows you to separately control the volume on those pesky background sounds while allowing you to keep your speakers set to any volume level your ears can take with out busting an ear drum (or speaker cone…which ever comes first).

Here’s how…

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computer1How many times have you called tech support for a problem you were having with your Windows computer, only to have the technician ask for specific information?

Such as "what is your computer serial number"?

So you quickly scramble to try to look at the back of the computer, only to realize you need a moving crew to reach the computer. Instead, you open Windows System Information Tool, scroll up and down only to find….it's not there!

Uggh, why do computers have to be so difficult when were in a hurry?

Instead of getting frustrated next time, here are two tips for finding your computer serial number quickly.

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winlogo.jpgRecently my PC became a victim of the old familiar problem that eventually becomes associated with many Windows computers.

The dreaded slow boot problem.

You know, the kind that makes you want to start your Windows computer and log on the night before, so it’s ready for you in the morning.

As always in these cases, I usually turn to the trusty Sysinternals tools, Autoruns, that’s known to fix slow Windows boot up and logon problems.

But this time, the changes made with Autoruns did not seem to make much of an improvement. Something else, somewhere was….being a real pain in the butt.

So, to fix the problem, I needed to do something else…

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Facebook's terms of service expressly state that by uploading any kind of content, whether in the form of photos or material, you are automatically assigning copyright control to Facebook. All photos you upload to Facebook therefore become the property of Facebook.

This means that Facebook can sell copies of photos posted by you without paying you any form of profit. Whenever you share photos with your Facebook friends you are giving up ownership of any intellectual property rights you may own in the photos you upload.

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