winlogo.jpgWhen I was browsing around on my Windows computer the other day, I noticed some files are displayed blue and others are black when I view them in My Computer. I'm sure there is a reason why they are different but am not sure why. Should I be concerned?

I can understand why you might be concerned.

There is nothing worse than that sinking feeling when you see something out of the ordinary on your Computer hard drive that you never saw before. Immediately you start to think of a virus or spyware.

The good news is, this is normal and your PC is fine.

What really is going on here is that you are viewing files that have been compressed by Windows. And, more than likely, one of your folder view options settings is set to display compressed NTFS files in color.

Let's take a look at what I mean.

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comcastlogo.png Gone are the days of unlimited Internet usage. Especially if you are a Comcast (Xfinity) customer of the giant ISP.

Many people who use Comcast for Internet access do not realize there is a 250GB (Giga Byte) monthly limit cap.

That means, if you go over the limit once, Comcast will send you a warning. If you go over it again (within a six month period from the initial warning notice), your account will be terminated by Comcast and you will not be eligible for Internet service again for twelve months.

As Comcast states, typical Internet users usually don't exceed 4 to 6GB per month (your amount will vary).

But with streaming video and audio becoming more popular, and the use of additional wireless devices (tablets and cell phones) in homes become more prevalent, your bandwidth usage will increase way past Comcast conservative estimate.

So, to keep an eye on that bandwidth usage, Comcast provides a meter, that many customers do not know exists.

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In a previous how-to article, we showed you how you can hide a Facebook status updates from a friend or family member (also pages) in your News Feed.

Hiding the updates is great if you just want to tune someone out with out looking like a bad person and un-friending them (they have no idea you did this).

And while you are glad you did it in a stealthy manner, you now have decided you want their status updates to be unhidden in your news feed once again.

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When it comes to friends and family…it's great to see their updates in your Facebook News Feed, until you had enough of hearing from a particular friend or family member.

When you had enough, one way to silence them in Facebook, is to un-friend them

But, what if you just want to tune them out for a little while, with out them knowing about it or worse, sending the wrong message and unfriend them.

The simple solution is to hide their updates in your Facebook News Feed.

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I hate printers. I really do.

As much of a tech geek that I am, I find printers annoying. There's always something wrong with them.

Which brings me to a common problem many home users have when it comes to their wireless network printers.

It worked yesterday, but not today.

Surprisingly this type of printer problem has a simple explanation with a solution that will have you printing again…today.

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winlogo.jpgOne thing that can be frustrating for Windows users is when not enough information is given after a problem occurs.

For example, when an error occurs and one of those mysterious error dialog box (window) appears with a cryptic message, along with no text in the title bar (that normally would identify the program that caused the error message).

As usual, you are left wondering what happen. How am I going to find out what application or program caused the error so I can fix it and get on with my life?

First….don't panic. There's a quick solution for identifying what program or application caused that unknown error message window to appear.

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One of the cool things about Android smart phones, is that they are really computers. And that means they can connect to networks.

This also means you can connect your Android phone to wireless (WIFI) networks, which can be a big benefit if you have a limited data plan with your cell phone carrier.

Best of all, connecting to wireless networks is simple. Here's how to do it.

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