What is Jusched.exe Process on My Windows Computer?


winlogo.jpgJusched.exe is the Java Update Scheduler. This process is installed by Sun Microsystems' Java to periodically check for updates related to Java handling, runtime environment and internet browsing and install them whenever present. By default, it is installed as a service and set to start automatically.

This process is a nonessential process and can be safely terminated since it sits there eating memory space only to check once a month for updates from the Sun community. Note that terminating the process will prevent automatic updates to Java.

To prevent the Java Update Scheduler from launching on Startup, in Windows XP/Vista open up the Java Control Panel and uncheck "Check for Updates Automatically".

When asked if you would like to update monthly, click on "Never Update." However this will mean that if a Java security update is made available you will miss it. If you want to update Sun Java at a later stage, simply go back to the same Java plug-in icon in the Control Panel, to the "Update" tab, and click the Update Now button.

What you can also do to set it up to run once a month automatically without you having to remind yourself to switch the feature on is, go to Start >> Control Panel and find Scheduled Tasks. Follow the wizard along to pick a month and date, and then when you get to the "Start a Program" screen, use this as the path:

"C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_01\bin\jucheck.exe"

adjusting the path if you are running a different version of Java. The key thing to note is that you run the jucheck.exe in your Java directory thus if you don't know JAVA Runtime Environment you're running, go to "C:\Program Files\Java\" and check in there.

We always recommend against having any software updating itself automatically, even if it prompts the user before applying updates. Stay in control of your PC and disable this task. You can then either run jusched.exe manually once a month to check for Java updates or else do as explained above and set up a scheduled task to run once a month. Next time you start up your computer you want have any pesky processes eating your memory without your permission!

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