Ubuntu Video Guide For Windows Users: Understanding The Linux File System Hierarchy


ubuntulogo.jpgWhen Windows users decide to make the switch to Linux, the first task of the new operating system they need to become familiar with is the file system. Being used to the Windows file system, and for most typical users, one drive known as the C drive, Linux and Ubuntu file system is flat and consists of mount points.

After making the switch to a Linux distribution such as Ubuntu, Windows users will quickly find themselves lost when it comes to locating files and directories. While at first it may seem difficult to understand, Linux file system hierarchy is pretty easy to navigate and understand.

To help, check out the following two part video tutorial for understanding the Linux File System hierarchy:

Part 1 – Linux File System Hierarchy:




Part 2 – Linux File System Hierarchy:



For more information, don't forget to check out our Linux and Ubuntu tips and guides.




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August 26, 2007

Jerry @ 11:49 am #

Saw the video. Very Good. Should be an entire ubunto book of videos. All of this documentation and links of this page should be consolidated and made downloadable in PDF form. Ubunto needs more optional books. There needs to be recommendations of good software like a backup program that has the features of DantZ/EMC Retrospect.

November 13, 2007

Mike @ 1:51 pm #

Thanks for doing this explanation. I am just learning Ubuntu/Linux and I appreciate you taking the time out to explain it to us old Windows converts. LOVE this OS.

February 3, 2008

mrida @ 2:25 pm #

really a grt & informative video…@least it really made me understand th efile system in linux…i m currently working on ubuntu gutsy gibson…however my file systemn differs a bit …can u please mention some content on it ….
i m quite new to ubuntu…n using ..any other os apart frm windows forthe first time…..
so pls ..can u provide some more details regarding …where to search for s/w's that r installed in this os like in windows it's generally wac c:\…i can't understand this ..in ubuntu…& please throw some more light on .mount point ..& how to ..mount a Usb drive..
Thanks in advance!!!!

January 2, 2010

Michael @ 9:05 pm #

I am quite new to Linux and found this video very useful. I found the file system structure a bit confusing, especially the /usr directory with /bin /sbin etc. Overall a good informational video that was easy to understand.

February 2, 2010

Dieter Radke @ 10:21 am #

Thank you so much for your explaining steps by linux file manager!
For me its good to repeat the lesson, because a long time ago I absolved a Liux crash course. The instuctrion were pretty quick and so the most people could'nt understand whats told about the very special file manager and file systems! I remember how difficult it was to install after a good luck your patition master was working in your own sense! To open a KDE or X.. desktop seemed like a little wonder. This was in 1998 and I remember The attempt WINDOWS 1998 to submit in the Internet. A famous man was blamed on TV while trying to connect with the Internet! Nobody in our Linux course was convinced to get the big chance and opportunities from Linux compared with other use Software Systems.Excuse my bad English!

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