Repair Windows XP TCP Network Settings With WinSock XP Fix Utility


winlogo.jpgOne of the more difficult troubleshooting tasks on Windows XP computers is fixing Network related problems. More often, resolving the problem means re-installing Windows XP. While no method exist to uninstall a damaged or corrupt TCP Network stack on XP, a free utility does offer a last resort to cure and repair Network connection related problems

WinSock XP Fix is a utility, with a good track record of fixing and repairing the following problems:

  • Corrupted Networking or Winsock (Windows Socket Interface) problems on Windows XP caused by missing registry entries.
  • Lost or slow connection issues due to Spyware and Adware removal tools during clean up.
  • Installation of programs or tools that modify Network and Winsock configurations.
  • Wireless related connection problems,
  • Issues caused by Microsoft updates and patches.
  • PC not obtaining DHCP address.
  • No connection or low signal when connecting to Internet Cable/DSL modems.
  • Network driver problems or Winsox errors

WinSock XP Fix is free, requires no installation and involves two steps that will backup the registry (if selected), then attempt to fix Network problems and display status results during the repair step.

As always, before running any tool or utility as a last resort, backup any data you do not want to lose.

Run WinSock XP Fix following these steps:

1. Download WinSox XP Fix to your Desktop, then click on WinsockxpFix.exe to start program (no installation is required).

2. After the utility opens, you will have two options available, Fix or ReG-Backup (registry backup). Since you are running the tool as a last resort, decide if you want to backup the registry or go ahead and Fix.


If you choose to backup the registry, click on ReG-Backup and in the next window, select a location to Backup to: (or accept default location) and select all Backup options (System registry, Current user registry, Other open user registries) and click OK.


3. Click Fix and click Yes to Apply the VB_Winsock fix?

4. The amount of time needed to repair will depend on the number of Network connections and Protocols installed on your system (be patient). After repair has completed, click Ok to reboot

With any luck, your Network connections will be repaired. As a final checklist, verify your Anti Virus and Spyware programs are working correctly. If you have a VPN connection make sure all settings are configured properly. Re-install any component or program that do not appear to be working.

WinSock XP Fix may not be a perfect utility, and there is no risk involved as a last ditch effort to repair TCP network connection issues if you are considering re-installing Windows XP.

NOTE: If you did choose to backup the registry before running the Fix, I do not recommend restoring from the registry backup you created if the WinSox Xp Fix was successful in repairing your Network settings. If the problem was registry related, restoring will just put the problem back in the registry.

If neccessary and you do need to restore the registry backup, go to the folder where the backup was saved (default is C:\ERDNT), and run ERDNT.EXE.


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May 18, 2007

Anbu @ 12:18 am #

This is an awesome fix tool, had problems with my windows XP PC for quite some time, but this tool fixed all those issues

September 5, 2007

I had a customers computer come in today with a corrupt stack, and was considering re-installing windows, did a google search for a tool to fix the TCP stack and was brought to this tools page, i figured what the hell, and downloaded it….. and i\'ll be damned, it worked…GREAT tool and a time saver. THANX

September 28, 2007

Darwin Ramirez @ 4:55 am #

WOw…. it's true, it 100% work, Exellent work for internet and networks connections repairs…..
Thanks a lot for the creator….. My network and internet connections didn't work, but when I search this WinSox XP Fix to and trying to fix it, The network of my Computer work 100% again….. ^_^. Nice

September 29, 2007
January 10, 2008

Stan @ 9:20 am #

Got the system back on the internal network, backed up and running fanatastic! THANKS for the save!!!

February 5, 2008

starr @ 4:19 pm #

downloaded winsock xp fix, rightafter lost internet connection alltogether, untill i uninstalled it

starr @ 4:24 pm #

So i used this product and i see that it really does notwork maybe i am using it wrong please get back to me and give me some pointers that reguard this program!

March 6, 2008

Gi-Core @ 11:58 am #

This is the best utility ever. i have not been able to get the internet working on my computer due to past school settings this program cleared it all and it all works now… so happy.

March 30, 2008

Nicholas @ 11:53 am #

Awesome tool.. Due to a virus outbreak (Sasser, backdoor.rbt, spyware, etc..) my local network access would not function, even after removing the offending software. I would always receive a network error immediately when trying to access any other machine. This tool repaired the damage done to the network configuration perfectly! Wonderful tool!

April 11, 2008

I use this tool to a client pc and works grate! is the second time that tool work for me

Thanks a lot !

May 23, 2008

hzoner @ 10:11 am #

GREAT! it fix my problem with winsock in a flash. i thought im gonna re-format my PC but i tried WinSox XP Fix and it fixed my problem.

May 31, 2008

Michelle @ 11:55 am #

Unfortunately this tool did not fix my connection issue. Any other ideas? I know (I think, lol) the problem is with winsock…I have the dreaded IP address……

June 2, 2008
June 30, 2008

george @ 3:45 am #

I need that installer please send it to me thanks!

July 2, 2008

Seera @ 8:10 am #

Great software!

August 16, 2008

JC @ 2:33 pm #

I heard the WINSOCK Fix worked good on Windows XP SP1, but not so good for SP2. Do you have any other solutions? The fix did not work on my PC which is running SP2. I get the ip address,

March 17, 2009

Andoman @ 10:43 pm #

THANK GOD FOR THIS TOOL. This will probably fix your problems if you can only connect to networks under "safe mode with networking".

Here's the story. All of a sudden, without warning, one day my computer would not connect to any type of network. At first I thought it was a wireless problem, then I found it was not recognizing even a wired network. I found out I could connect to a network but only in safe mode with networking. After tons of time spent searching google, I found this utility on a few pages marked, "Network adapters work only in Safe Mode – HELP!"

I loaded this tool and my system was magically fixed. !!!!! I love this file.

April 27, 2009

Nick @ 6:46 am #

Brilliant application, I been banging my head against a brick wall with a customers PC.
Problems included:
Stuck on preparing network connections on boot up
lsass.exe errors causing reboot on bootup
network connection broken
All fixed, thank you

May 11, 2009

Steve @ 5:05 pm #

will this tool work for:

1. XP Pro xp3?

2. Vista x64?

May 30, 2009

LoungeLizard @ 6:09 pm #

My wife's computer developed a problem recently where her browser would not resolve anything. Performing a network repair solves the problem; but after a while the problem re-asserts itself. I created a scheduled task to run a repair every 15 minutes – and that works, for now… But, why did this happen in the first place? When I look at the output of the 'netsh ip reset' there are three entries indicating a "bad entry" for the "Linkage\UpperBind" key entries for the NIC, the NDISWAN, and a GUID value where the "bad value" was REG_MULTI_SZ = SymIM . My wife's machine has Norton's Internet Security on it, so I'm assuming the SymIM is a Symantec generated entry. Any ideas or suggestions what to do to resolve this rather than perpetually running 'schtasks /Create /TN RepairIP /SC MINUTE /MO 15 /TR "netsh int ip reset c:\temp\logs\network-connection.log"'

June 27, 2009

kennah @ 12:40 am #

thank u very much for this tool!i just downloaded the tool yesterday and until now it seems that my nw connection is still worked for windows xp pro sp3.

July 3, 2009

Mark @ 1:00 am #

yes tool works great onm XP Pro with service pack 3 and allupdates up to 7-2-2009

January 20, 2010

Anonymous @ 8:33 pm #

Thanks very much for this software. It works wonderfully and solved a tricky connectivity problem.

February 25, 2010

redondo @ 7:00 pm #

hello evry one!

i'm managing a program wich have database in server,but the program is installed in 6 difrent client computers,one day the program in the client computer couldn't conect to the server,and it gives me the follwing message : Acofile is unable to conect to the adress : is the program name and the adress ip is a server adress).but when i ping the server,it does work,and when i do : run–>\\ i can get in the server,but the aplication can not get to the server,and after trying 4 or 5 time to run the program,it work,but when i try to re-run it,it gives me the same problem again.

could WinSock XP Fix Utility solve this problem?

any one have an idee what ist exactly my problem?

please help

February 26, 2010

redondo @ 6:29 am #

but after i re-insall windows xp it does work perfectly,only with time i got this problem,i always need to format and re-install xp to make the software work again.this aplication cominicate with the server through port 4900.

if this is an aplication problem,why it does work whene i re-install xp??

think you for answering my quastions

March 4, 2010

Chandrashekhar @ 5:22 am #

I found this software very useful to resolve network TCP issue…Below link also suggesting same review

redondo @ 7:40 am #

no,not all computers lose the conectivity only one or two in a month.

so my qustion is : the acofile aplication in the clients computers comunicate with the server via port it possibal that this port cause of viruses or something like that could be shuted down or closed?? i ask this quastion cause after re-install xp,evrythings goes normal!!

is there a solution to re-open this port??

redondo @ 8:09 am #

to be more clear!
in the server we have an hyper file control center aplication managing our database.and windev aplication,and this aplication as i said comunication with the comuters clients via port 4900 wich i think its damage…could that happen??

June 20, 2010

paolo figueras @ 9:45 am #

wow. this program fix my step dad laptop that i screwed up. tnx

August 4, 2010

seredi @ 6:13 am #

all is well but I cannot browse internet.
1. pinging is doing well by ip address
2. cant ping using names such as

have used winsock utility, still cannot browse net.


August 18, 2010

zb @ 4:38 am #

Read the info to understand what it does. Nice util.

However, it did not fix my particular DNS problem. Been scouring the web, tried half a dozen fixes (WinsockXP fix, loaded registry entries, XP network repair, etc) to no avail. Here's the deal:

The router (which multiple machines use, including this one) gets it's info via the ISP DHCP. Machine #1 gets all the appropriate IP info,
can ping IP addresses inside and outside the firewall, but it cannot ping domain names or load pingable IP addresses as websites.

I don't run a local DNS service or HOSTS, so fixes that target them are null. It's not a router problem, nor a DNS problem (again, works fine on machine #2 through the same router), so it has to be a Windows network config problem. I suspect the woes started after I told Glary Utilities to remove broken registry links and optimize the registry, but cause and effect are foggy as I was sleep deprived when the problem occurred. Any ideas, other than not driving a computer while sleepy?

November 26, 2010

Vince @ 11:33 am #

Hi. I don't know if this program will solve my problem, so I'm giving you the scenario. I have a peer-to-peer network with 5 wired pc's and2 wireless connections. I also have wired ethernet connections to a printer, security dvr system with 4 cameras and.

I"m using a 4 port D-Link Gigabit router and an 8 port D-Link gigabit switch.
When the problem started, all 5 pc's were running XP-SP3. When I start all 5 pc's I get an intermittent connection, both LAN and WAN. It is not a regular length nore a regular cycle. It may be seconds and last for seconds, or it may work for minutes before going down.

Since I had the problem, I have had to replace 2 pc's with new Win7 Pro machines. I have tried replacing all hardware in the network as well as my ISP. The problem remains.

Just before Thanksgiving, I tried networking both Win7 machines only, through the router/switch and both seemed to work without a dropout.

What do you think?


December 29, 2010

Jyotil @ 3:10 am #

If i want to Repair network automatically with any application in every 10 seconds. Can you help me with that?
I found difficulty in network connection in WIN-XP it looses connection & i want to connect with internet by clicking repair option every now & then.
Please give some solution for such problem!!

January 10, 2011

CCPC @ 2:59 pm #


I cant format the computer im having issues on. Its XP SP3 that had some viruses attack, it's supposed to be already clean, i have update BIOS, reinstalled chipset and NIC drivers, and did the tcpip stack thing, and this sofware, also tried "repairing" the OS (without format), ive tried installing drivers from a working computer (same make/model of course), used a different NIC, and many things… nothing works…. i cant format. the connection gets established but then it gets lost, sometimes at the first ping sometimes it takes longer sometimes until i try to do some network activity (such as http), clicking "Repair" on the taskbar icon -on the LAN icon- does the trick, but then again, for a split seconds… ANY ADVISE WOULD BE TRUELY APPRECIATED.


March 27, 2011

BAM @ 3:30 pm #

Amazingly effective app!!!!
Fighting during one week against non-resolved DNS and dreadul 169.254.x.y IPs.
Apparently everything started with a broken link registry repair sweep. netsh reset commands alone didn't work but winsockxpfix worked without flare at the first try.
Running in windows XP SP3 updated up to March 2011.

April 30, 2011

Hasan Ali @ 12:46 am #

this program fix my step dad PC that i screwed up. thank

May 22, 2011

firerator @ 3:51 am #


June 27, 2011

rahul @ 10:47 pm #

unable to repair using the displays error saving file ……….. Please tell me what to do

August 2, 2011

lenin @ 10:14 pm #

it doesnt work at all!!!!

August 30, 2011

sdfds @ 1:39 am #


September 3, 2011

Joe Abe @ 4:54 am #

its working for sometime, i need to re-install again and again.

September 28, 2011

sanju @ 5:14 am #

nice one its works for me,wht to say its good yar,thx

January 24, 2012

sharma @ 1:12 pm #

Amazing tool, almost i have decided to break my head with a hammer until i found this excellent tool. TCP/IP networking control in Win XP is almost impossible that everybody knows, there is no substitute (except this tool) & format is the only option. My wireless connection showing it is connected, but i can't access web through any browser (with so many re-installations & checked my laptop outside with cable also). In addition probably some one hijacked my network (as it is observable max data is transferring in wireless monitor window). My os windows xp pro sp3, dell inspiron 1520 laptop.

Thanks man for this, may be Lord Jesus sent you to the earth.

February 16, 2012

jake @ 2:15 pm #

umm…I'm guessing this must be 32 bit only…just tried on 64 bit machine and it keeps crashing it!

June 3, 2012

Contact Spray @ 10:57 am #

No comments… Crashes every knowledge page !!! Respect.!!!

After Virus and spy cleanning with malwarebyte and MS.SE can't see on domain network the share folders and map drives… but everything else run perfect normaly and the internet browsing…..!!!!

Trying find something wrong on AD but nothing. Trying DNS reinitialize, DHCP pool reconstruct, cant rejoin onto Domain, repair windows xp, install sp3, any update, net commands ,start/stop services —- B U T N O T H I N G A T A L L ———

Now i can see back my file server – network storage drive and networks map drives. Evrything is Special Fine…!!!
More Thanks for Thanks!!!!

July 3, 2012

pink @ 11:46 pm #

wooohoooo this solved my networking problem Thank you so much!!!!

August 27, 2012

Mike @ 7:26 pm #

Ok, this is dumb… I downloaded the file, saved it to flash drive and went to my 32bit XP machine to see if it would fix it. The program asks me if I want to install some tookbar first, and then tries to connect to the internet. Um, DUH, if I could I would not have this problem.

Fail. Next program please.

September 3, 2012

john @ 5:19 am #

same problem with me. Im also using SP2.

September 24, 2012

Mk @ 7:27 am #

Problem started with Kaspersky Anti Virus. No help from them. Finally fixed with the Windows fix but now have to reboot PC every day. Start up usually fixes any issues

October 20, 2012

piyasiri @ 9:08 pm #

my pc windows xp proffesinal have to damege file how to repair it

November 13, 2012

drochmady @ 3:35 am #

can't fix my problem, thanks for this info

March 13, 2017

Dorian Jones @ 3:25 pm #

I get this message:


"registry input info not found"

And, the program did nothing

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