Most Common Mistakes In Refilling Printer Inkjet Cartridges


printer.jpgAs you may already know, you are not alone in choosing to refill your inkjet cartridges instead of buying expensive new ones. In fact most people today are choosing to refill their inkjet cartridges for the simple fact that it saves a pile of money.

There are even quite a few people who swear by inkjet printer refills and say they work perfect for them every time. Then there is the rest of us who are sometimes disappointed when using refills by having the bad experience of clogged nozzles, leaks, low life spans and less than satisfactory color output.

You many be wondering why inkjet refills work so good for others and so poorly for some of us. The answer is simply the process the user follows when refilling their ink cartridges.

While printer refill kits provide quality materials and instructions, for some reason people tend to disregard the instructions and instead follow their own way, which is for the most part the wrong way. It is this lack of instruction following that generally causes the disappointing outcomes of an inkjet refill kit.

The most common mistake found in refilling inkjet cartridges is sealing off the vent holes in the cartridges. This creates a major problem as a lot of refillable cartridges require the movement of air in order to dispense the ink.

In simpler terms, when the ink goes out, air needs to come in to fill the empty space. So if the cartridge's vent are sealed it will lead to a build up in air pressure which then causes ink starvation and eventually a burnt up print head.

The other common mistake is pushing the needle all the way into the empty cartridge. By doing this it creates air pressure which blocks the air from going out. By blocking the air from going out you also end up blocking the ink from coming in, and instead the ink will come out of any holes it can find where there is no resistance.

While these are the two most common mistakes, people from time to time think waiting until the ink in the cartridge is completely used up before refilling the inkjet cartridge is a way to get the most out of their ink. But by doing this it can interfere with cleaning cycle of the print heads.

Every time you turn your printer on or off it performs one of these cleaning cycles and if a cartridge is left inactive for a long period of time the ink can gel and cause the cartridge to burn up the next time it goes through a cleaning cycle.

The last of the common mistakes made when refilling an inkjet cartridge is soaking the cartridge in too much water. While this can help to reduce the viscosity of the ink it will also affect the colour of the when you start printing again.

With this said, the next time you end up with disappointing results after using an inkjet cartridge refilling kit think back and see if you followed the instruction manual to a tee. Believe it or not, most of the time an inkjet cartridge refill kit does not work it is due to human error and not product flaws.

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July 24, 2011

Good Points @ 9:56 pm #

All good points. A lot of people get messy with the refill kits or mess up their inks, but its not because the ink is bad. They don't know what they are doing.

November 7, 2014

Karen @ 8:35 am #

All good epic article. Yes mostly human error and most people thinks refilling the cartridge is too easy.
I use isopropyl alcohol mixed with warm water (preferably purified water) as a bath in a flat dish and let it soaked for – minutes helps to clean the print head before refilling.

March 4, 2015

Alicai Wilson @ 7:36 am #

As i am a refilled cartridge user, i totally agree that 60% is coz of the human error. Howerever it is worth taking a risk as refilled cartridges save more than 60% of the cost and you can also make substantial financial and environmental savings by purchasing remanufactured / refilled cartridges.

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