How To Disable Access To Your Linksys Administration Utility Over Wireless Connection


linksyslogo.jpgThere are many ways to provide layered security for your wireless home network, with the most effect method is to use the strongest encryption that is available. For many home wireless routers, that would be WPA2.

But another often over looked security setting, is the capability of disabling access to your Linksys web-based administration interface when connecting via wireless connection.

If you allow anyone to connect to your wireless router (such as in a public area), or you just don't trust your neighbors, you can disable wireless access to the router's administration web-based Utility.

Doing so, will prevent any wireless user from taking over control of your router, and locking you out or making changes that will leave your network vulnerable.

This means that you will only be able to access the administration utility via a wired connection. In some cases this may be exactly what you want (and need for an added layer of protection).

Before you make any changes to your wireless router configuration, back it up. To do so, follow these steps to back up your linksys wireless router configuration.

Once that is completed, make sure you are connected to your router using a wired connection. Then in the administration utility, click on the Administration tab.

NOTE: Screen shots are from Linksys WRT54G wireless router. Your router interface may look different.

Now, in the Web Access section check the Disabled box next to Wireless Access Web: (also make sure HTTPS is checked) and click the Save Settings button at the bottom of the page.

After saving the changes, verify that you cannot connect to the administration utility over a wireless connection (be sure to disconnect the wired connection first).

Now you can be sure that no one can make any changes to your router configuration unless their computer is  physically connected (wired) to your router.

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September 5, 2008

EverybodyGeek @ 6:41 pm #

Actually, the important setting is 'Remote Management'. This on should be disabled. This prevents users from connecting to your router over the internet.
If this is disabled, you don't need to disable wireless router access if you use WPA2 for wireless protection. Cause now the router can only be accessed from a pc on the routers network. By enabling MAC address filtering, you can even make sure no-one can access the router, even if they would know your WPA2 passkey.
If you disable wireless access, you can't access the router with your own pc. And what's the point in using a cable on your wireless pc?

December 4, 2011

James @ 11:42 pm #

I accidently did this and the only way to change my router settings right now is wirelessly. i was looking for a way to reverse this wirelesly because i was on there tinkering around and now it will not let me go back . if anyone can help that would be amazing. the sooner the better.

December 5, 2011

m hatib @ 9:48 am #

i accidently switch my wireless on window 7 while checking wireless status gone in to control panel property configuration some how i accidently click on bt wireless to auto matically instead my own talk talk now when i log off lap top then now every time i log on bt connect auto matically but i want talk talk to connect auto matically please please please help

July 21, 2015

TA @ 10:14 pm #

After doing this, i´m having trouble to enter the administration page even if my computer is connected via wired to the router. Could someone help me with this?? Thanks.

June 19, 2017

Bradford Lamar Nelson @ 1:10 am #

@EverybodyGeek: that is not accurate,. I am a Network Professional and advising you that anyone that gets the password and spoofs a mac address even with mac filtering can modify or access admin settings hint cherryblossum/firmware upgrade!

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