Happy New Year From Watching The Net


Happy New Year everyone from Watching The Net!

In case your getting ready to celebrate the New Year, or you celebrated too much, here's some tips to get you and your PC ready for the new year….or back on your feet.



How To Enable Boot Logging For Fixing Startup Problems in Windows – In a hurry to celebrate the New Year, caused you to power off Windows with out cleanly shutting it down. Find out why it won't boot properly with this tip.

How To Identify Unknown Processes In Windows – New Year Eve may have been a blast from what you remember, but you sure don't know where that unknown process came from with all that late night surfing. Track it down cold with this tip.

Make sure Ubuntu counts down the New Year on time with this simple tip to keep it's clock accurate. Enable Automatic Time Synchronization In Ubuntu And Kubuntu.

Pre-party check list should include making sure your Ubuntu hard drive has enough space for all those new digital pictures – Ubuntu Guide For Windows Users: How To Check Hard Drive Disk Space.

Need to download new tunes to your MP3 player so you can listen to great music while watching the fireworks ring in the New Year – Check out Installing MP3 Downloader For Accessing Amazon MP3 Music Store.

Don't worry, we got you covered if your iPod won't wake up on New Year's day and needs to be fixed – How To Fix And Repair Your iPOD With Video Instructions.

Track down that pesky crank caller who wants to spoil the party and see if others are also being annoyed – Get Details On Anonymous Callers At Who Called Us.

Finally, start off the New Year and fire your boss – Find A Job Using RSS Feeds And Google Reader.

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