Enable Automatic Time Synchronization In Ubuntu And Kubuntu


ubuntulogo.jpgIf you are running KDE in Kubuntu or Gnome in Ubuntu, you can easily set up the clock to synchronize the time to any time source on the Internet. Doing so will keep the time on your System accurate and keep you from missing any appointments!

Setting Time Synchronization In Ubuntu

1 – Logon to Ubuntu. On the panel, right click on the clock and select Adjust Date & Time (enter your password when prompted).

2 – In the Time and Date Settings dialog box, click on the up/down arrows in the Configuration field and select Keep synchronized with Internet servers.


3 – If you do not have NTP (Network Time Protocol) installed, you will be prompted to install NTP. Click on Install NTP Support. Otherwise, skip to Step 4.


4 – After NTP installation has completed, click on the Select Servers button.


5 – Select the Time Servers you want to synchronize with and click Close. By default, ntp.ubuntu.com is selected. You can select more than one Time Servers.

NOTE: you can also add Time Servers not listed by entering the server in the blank field and adding it to the list.


6 – Click on System \ Administration \ Services and verify the Clock synchronization service (ntp) check box is enabled (click it if it is not checked). Click Close to exit.


Setting Time Synchronization In Kubuntu

1 – Logon to Kubuntu, right click on the clock and select Adjust Date & TIme (enter your password when prompted).

2 – Click on the check box next to Set date and time automatically and click on the down arrow to display the list of time servers to choose. Click OK to apply settings and to exit.


3 – To enable automatic time synchronization, click on KMenu \ System \ Services…


and click the check box next to the Clock synchronization service (ntp). Click close when finished.

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February 2, 2008

Steven @ 7:34 am #

Is there a way to do this for servers through the CLI?

August 14, 2008

hono785 @ 6:15 pm #

In my LXF magazine, it stated that when it comes down to slimming down your system. You can make sure fewer things run. The NTP syncs your computer's clock with an external source. You can sync once in a while by clicking the 'syncronize now' button or if you have a watch and don't mind setting this every few years or so, then this service is not needed and can go.

December 30, 2008

nobody @ 4:22 pm #

Use the NTP Pool for your servers instead.


June 8, 2009

Ole Juul @ 8:34 pm #

I am using Kubuntu 6.06 and I cannot find any "Kmenu" so this post wasn't useful to me. 🙁 Instructions on where to find Kmenu would be helpful. Thanks.

August 30, 2011

sakset @ 5:00 am #

Thank you.
For my knowledge.

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