Find Out If Someone Has Logged Into Your Facebook Account


One big complaint many users of Facebook have, is the concern with their account security and privacy.

Since the beginning of Facebook evolution, those concerns have become loud and to Facebook's credit, they have started to implement better security enhancements.

One feature that few people are aware of, is that Facebook actually keeps track of the location from which you have logged into your Facebook account (either from a computer or mobile device).

Having this information, allows you to check, if you think someone has hacked into your account or you noticed suspicious activity on your wall postings.

Finding Your Account Logins

To check the login information, go to Account – Account Settings.

Then scroll down to Account Security and click change.

Under Account Security, scroll down to the Account Activity and you will see the Most Recent Activity as well as other active logins sessions.

You should take note, specifically, the "Also Active" section and verify these are YOUR logins. Once you have verified them, you can click on the end activity link (on the right) and end the session.

If you cannot verify a session, you can find the IP address of the session by placing you mouse over the Location field, which will display the IP address of that session (make sure you take a screen shot or write down the information).

NOTE: the location is an estimate based on the address and may not be accurate.

Another item you will want to look at is the Device Type (found under Location).

Device Type will identified the type of devices used to login on to your Facebook account. A device can be your computer, a tablet, mobile phone, etc.

Get Notified Of Logins

While having the capability to view logged in sessions is a benefit, you may want to know exactly when your account has just been logged into.

To do this, you can set up a notification via email or text message.

Goto,  Account – Account Settings – Account Security – Login Notifications

…..and check the box next to Send me an email or Send me a text message (or check both), then click Save to save the changes.

Facebook will send the message once a login is detected on your account.

Being able to monitor access to your Facebook is a great feature when it comes to security. Of course this is one step, and it is still up to you to change your password often (see how to create strong passwords and remember them).

For other security tips, check out our tips to secure your Facebook account.

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April 23, 2012

ayesha bilal @ 2:55 am #

i cant open my account,i want to find it out,

September 20, 2014
September 21, 2014

Latashia @ 3:02 am #

So how do you know if your password has been hacked by Pony.
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the profile of cyber theft will only increase in 2012.
This means that if you see a bunch of your friends post or email exactly the same exact message that this is
probably a hack or trojan, Facebook Password Finder youll contract it should you take a look through.

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