Build Your Home Network The Right Way Without Spending A Fortune

Are you struggling with your home network? Do the terms TCP/IP, CAT5, Router, LAN, NIC, 802.11B or 802.11G make you head spin and leave you feeling confused?

homenetworkingebookS.pngIf you answered yes too one or all of the questions, you are not alone.

I can certainly understand your frustration and remember when I was learning Computers and Networks, it was like trying to learn a new language or install a garage door opener from the instructions that were made for NASA Engineers.

Building a home network is no different. Unlike being at work where you can just call the Help Desk, there is no immediate help available when doing it your self.

Fortunately you now have help. I have made available, a guide that will help de-mystify home networks and explain the foreign terminology that will help you build a robust home network beyond just one computer and a printer.

Here's what's included:

  • Networking 101learn the basics of Networks
  • How Does Home Networking Work?from your PC to the Internet, understand how it functions
  • Networking Optionswireless or hardwire, helping you decide the best option
  • Essential Home Networking Equipmentwhat you need to build your home network the right way from the beginning
  • Guidelines For Building A Simple Home Networktips to help you save money
  • Security Issues and Guidelineskeep the bad guys out and your data safe
  • Troubleshooting a Home Networksimple step by step tips to resolve those pesky network problems
  • …and much more

To get your free copy, just enter your name and email address below The Home Networking guide is available as a PDF file for easy reading or as an MP3 file so your can listen to it on your iPod or MP3 player.

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