7 Tips For Choosing the Best Spyware Removal Tool


Before we consider how to choose a spyware removal tool, let us see what the term Spyware means.

Spyware is software created with a malign intent that is installed without your knowledge on your computer. They are designed to hide itself from the average users. They will usually reside in your computer and may track keystrokes, URLs of the websites visited and the kind of products you usually buy.

In addition to spying on your personal preferences, they can also download additional programs, redirect browsers to specific sites or links.

The only way to combat the very real threat presented by spyware to your privacy is by using a spyware removal tools. These removal tools can detect and remove spyware from an infected computer or they may monitor data coming into the computer.

There are many spyware removal tools available in the market today. Both freeware and commercial. Here are some things to look for when you want to get this useful anti spyware tool:.

1. Detection, Removal and Prevention – Be sure to get a spyware cleaner that is capable of preventing installation of further spyware in addition to scanning your computer for spyware and removing them.

2. Modification of Browser Settings – Most spyware operate by modifying browser settings for redirecting to unwanted websites. The tool you get should prevent modification of these settings.

3. Registry Scan – spyware usually modifies all the keys in the Windows registry that can cause programs to start automatically at boot up. Even if a few links to the spyware are deleted in the registry, it can still restore those links. The spyware removal tool should be capable of detecting and removing the links embedded in the registry.

4. Availability of Updates – Like an anti-virus package, a spyware removal tool is effective only if it can be updated regularly to prevent infection due to new spyware.

5. Technical Support – Technical support is essential if the user finds it difficult to use a spyware removal tool or decide what to do when the tool asks him to make a choice regarding deletion of registry entries.

6. User Feedback – Feedback from the users of the tool will give you an idea about the efficacy of the tool in removal of spyware and the ease with which even a novice can use it.

7. Comparative Performance – There are many spyware removal tools available on the market and rather than relying on the claims made by one company, comparing the performance of several tools is important.

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