Windows XP Tip: View Previously Open Folders After Shutdown or Logoff


xplogo.pngAt work, I need to access a lot of folders on the network (and on my computer) often. At the end of the day we are required to either shutdown or log off our computers. I usually have about four or five windows open for the folders I access all the time and have to close them when I log off or shutdown. How can I make Xp re-open the folders without needing to open them manually every morning?


Being able to pick up were you left is a big time saver, especially when you have multiple folders open. Windows XP allows you to re-open folders after a shutdown, restart, or after logging off, by making a simple configuration change.

To make the change, click on Start \ Settings \ Control Panel and open Folder Options. Then click on the View tab



In the View tab Advanced settings:, scroll down to the bottom and check the box next to Restore previous folder windows at logon and click OK to close the Folder Options window.

Now when you need to shutdown, restart or just log off XP, any folders that were previously open will open to the same location as before.

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March 22, 2009

Martha @ 10:43 am #

Just found your site this a.m. looking for help with a slow browser…did you know Internet Explorer is slow?…it's not necessarily my computer; but I tweak what I find is good to tweak to help myself out with an older computer and still be able to to today things online…like watch movies; especially since I'm using WIFI for internet access and have no TV antenna or cable or satellite…I'm aging faster than my computer and my low income doesn't go very far especially in this bad economy; but I keep my sanity finding ways to stay online to fill my days with learning and the challenge of the net.

Your site gave me new hope and a sense of well being after reading the article about the 7 ways an older computer can slow down. Now I can free up some brain cells moving on to what I CAN do instead of spin my wheels looking for remedies not there.

I'll be looking forward to getting your newsletters in my email as I'm subscribing today.

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