How To View Number Of Messages And Sizes Of Folders In Windows Live Hotmail


livehotmaillogo.png If you have experienced problems using Windows Live Hotmail, such as sorting email into folders or notice some features missing, the most common cause is that you have hit the maximum number of messages allowed or you have exceeded the mailbox size limit.

What ever the case may be, knowing each folder size and the total number of messages in each folder can be a big help in resolving problems as well as cleaning up your Hotmail mailbox.

This means you will also need to know the sizes of not only the folders you have created, but the default folders such as Sent, Deleted, Draft, Junk and inbox.

Here's how to view this information.

Access your Windows Live Hotmail mailbox normally, and make sure you can view your Inbox.

In the left navigation menu, click on the Manage folders link.

In the next screen you will be able to view all folder information, including the number of folders, number of messages in each folder, along with each folder size.

This view also shows you total size and number of messages of your entire mailbox.

You will also notice that you can empty the Junk and Deleted folders from this screen. To clean out a specific folder, just click on the folder name in the Folder column to view the contents of the folder.

While Hotmail is not the most impressive web based email available, the one thing it has going for itself is it's simple interface for using email. And as you can see from the manage folder screen, it can't get any simpler when you want to clean up your mailbox.

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