Ubuntu Guide For Windows Users: Improving The Appearance Of Fonts


ubuntulogo.jpgWant to make fonts look better in Ubuntu version 7.10?

If you do, a simple tweak can easily improve the look and feel of fonts with one simple adjustment that will make your Ubuntu fonts look similar to a MAC OS 10.

To make the simple adjustment, just watch the following video below. I have also outlined the steps in case you missed something which you can find after the video.

  • From the top panel menu, click on System \ Preferences \ Appearance.
  • In the Appearance Preferences window, click on the Fonts tab.
  • In the Fonts section, click on the Details… button at the bottom right corner.
  • Under Smoothing, click the Subpixel (LCDs) radio button and the Slight radio button (under Hinting section)
  • Click Close twice.

You should notice a nice improvement with how the fonts appear on the Menu and titles of icons. Even if your not happy with the change, you can go back and tweak a little more to make adjustments to your preferences.

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