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clean-computerEver notice your computer fan seems to run constantly? Maybe you also notice your laptop or desktop feels warmer than normal.  And you probably also noticed that your PC performance has been running a lot slower lately trying to execute even the simplest tasks.

That's what I noticed about my laptop, which is only sixteen months old. It just was not running as snappy as it did a few months ago.  So I did all the usual clean up tips that you can find anywhere on the Internet in hopes of speeding up my Windows PC.

Ran CCLeaner, removed unused programs, defrag the hard drive, cleaned up my user profiles and desktop, and so on.

Only to have the same problem. A slow computer.

I was about ready to give up by formatting the hard drive and reinstall Windows, when I decided that maybe I should look inside and check things out before I got started with the reinstall.

Well much to my surprise, I found the cause of the performance problem….a dirty computer.

I couldn't believe how much dust had accumulated over time. Now it made sense as to what was causing the poor performance problems.

Over time, your fans will pick up dust which naturally collects on the components inside your computer.  Eventually this will cause cooling problems and make your computer run hot, while reducing efficiency. With the fan running constantly and unable to cool, more heat is being produced which requires more power to run your computer, thus reducing overall performance.

Worse, it can cause components to overheat which will shutdown your computer or cause some components to fail, leaving you with a big repair bill.

So it was time to give the inside a good cleaning. And after I was finished, my laptop was back to it's speedy self again. Without reinstalling Windows, or spending any money.

Now, before you go ahead and attempt tp clean your computer, here are some tips I came across on how to clean a computer without causing any damage to the components inside:

First the precautions…

Shut Down Your Computer And Unplug It – failure to do so could cause harm to your computer and your self. Be safe by eliminating any electrical shock that can occur if the computer is still plugged in.

– Go Outside – once you get started with cleaning (keep reading for details), you will be surprised by how much of a dust mess is created. If you cannot go outside, try to find another area that you don't mind getting dusty.

Put Away The Vacuum Cleaner – using a vacuum cleaner can cause static electricity and damage your mother board. Additional damage to fans can occur if you allow the suction of the vacuum to excessively spin the fan blades.

– Do Not Use Liquids – avoid getting any component inside the computer or any other circuit board damp or wet.

..and now it's time to get cleaning.

– Use A Can Of Compressed Air – this is the proper way to clean your computer. A can of compressed air can be found in any electronic or computer store.

– Make Sure You Are Grounded – static electricity is like kryptonite to electronic components. Do everything you can to prevent static electricity from occurring

NOTE: make sure you hold the fan blades to prevent them from spinning.

Start by removing the case lid. Hold your can of compressed air upright and start on the upper region of the computer, then work your way down. In this manner you can sweep out all the dust that settles on lower components at one time. Again try to not cause the fan blades (CPU fan, power supply fan, etc) to spin excessively.

Be through, but do not press on cords or components. Also keep your air source a moderate distance from the components you're working on.

To remove the gunk on the fan blades (that the compressed air cannot clean), use a dry Q-Tip and work each blade as best as you can.

Make sure you clean the power supply, and blow through the internal slits from inside the chassis, aiming so dust will exit the back.

Next, blow into the intake fan (if there is one) to push the dust out the back.

When finished, put the panel back on your computer and reconnect your mouse, keyboard, monitor, etc. Llug the power cord back into your computer and boot it up.

By following these simple guide lines and using common sense, you can significantly increase performance of your computer….with out spending a fortune.

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September 6, 2016

albina elvira @ 4:27 am #

I used to have similar problems too, but after using
"long path tool" everything was solved.

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