RSS Feeds And Email Are Now Working Again On Watching The Net


fix-broken-computerIt's been a while but the RSS Feed on Watching The Net is finally working again. This also includes receiving new article updates by email (which existing RSS email subscribers may have noticed is working today 😉

For a while the site RSS feed was broken but I have finally fixed the issue and things are back on track again.

If you are not an RSS subscriber to the site, you can easily subscribe by clicking on the link under the big RSS icon in the right navigation pane ———————————>


Or you can have any new updates sent to your email address by clicking on this link –  Get Updates By Email.

If by chance you are not familiar with RSS, how it works or how to use it, here is a great video that explains it all….in plain English.

Also, don't confuse Watching The Net RSS feed with our email newsletter. Readers of my newsletter receive exclusive how-to content and information that is not published on WTN.

To sign up for the email newsletter and download the free guide on Wired And Wireless Home Networking Tips and Advice,  click on this link —> WTN email newsletter.

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