Quickly Identify Unknown Files On Your Computer


whatisthatfilelogo.pngHow many times have you comes across a file name on your Computer and either had no clue to what it is or just completely zoned out and had a brain freeze?

For all you know the unknown file could be a virus, spyware or a trojan just waiting to cause destruction on your Computer. Then again, it could be a normal Operating System file.

Before you take any chances, you can run a check against whatisthatfile.com database and see if the file is actually safe or just trouble waiting to happen.

Whatisthatfile has a simple interface and is easy to use. Just type the unknown file name in the search field and results will be displayed immediately as you type.

For example, I typed the file name hpqtra08.exe, which I know what the file is, but want to see if it would return an accurate description.


Sure enough, Whatisthatfile identified the source of the file as an Hewlett Packard driver.

Although the description is brief, (it did give me a clue to what the file was, which allowed me to visit HP's website and search their site for more information) other searches for file types did produce more information:


Whatisthatfile also gives you the option to update or correct information on a file by clicking the Edit This button on the right (which needs approval by the site before changes are made), or add a new file to their database if nothing if found.

While whatisthatfile.com has been around for a couple of years, it should only be used as one part of your search when trying to identify unknown files.

Remember, when identifing files that you do not recognize, your research should always lead you to the vendor web site if it is a valid file. If it does not, that's a good sign it may be a virus or spyware on your Computer.

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