Lost Your Computer Manual? Find It On Safemanuals.com


computer-manualLike many people, including myself, the first thing I do after purchasing a computer, electronic gadget or appliances is rip open the box and throw everyhing away that's not important.

Including the manuals.

Usually that ends up being a mistake down the road when I need to reference the manual.

Fortunately in today's world we have the Internet Google and can easily find information on almost anything. But when it comes to finding manuals, SafeManual.com is usually where I start.

When you first visit SafeManuals, bookmark it. This site has over 5000 brands that includes over 1 million instruction manuals ranging from electronics, computers, printers, appliances, cameras, mp3 players to name a few.

user-manuals1You can easily search for a manual by manufacturer, device model number or browse them alphabetically. After finding it, you can download the manual in PDF format, ot open it directly in your browser (downloading may be the better option depending on size).

user-manuals2Since I fix computers for my family and friends, SafeManual has been a life saver when it comes to having them describe a hardware problem they are having.

The "thingies" and "you know what I mean" can now be easily identified in the manual. I just download it, send it to them and they tell me what page to look at.

One cool feature with SafeManual site is the capability to upload manuals that are not listed. So if you happen to get the latest and greatest electronic device, digital camera, or gadget and have the user manual in PDF format (and it"s under 60megs), you can upload it to the site from this page.

While you can view the site in different languages, this doesn't mean all the manuls are available in different languages. Make sure you preview them before downloading to save your self from downloading a manual no tin your language.

Other than some annoying advertisements that pop up here and there, SafeManual site is easy to use and a life saver when you can't find you own manual.

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March 14, 2011

freddie burton @ 8:36 pm #

what are some positive and negative things about this manual

October 23, 2012

eu penso que preciso dele obrigado

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