How To Recover Lost Website Passwords in Internet Explorer


hidefolders.jpgI'm always visiting websites that require me to create an account and password. Every time I create an account, I never write it down and end up forgetting the password. Is there any way I can see the passwords in Internet Explorer?


Fortunately there is a tool that works with all version of Internet Explorer, including IE 7 that reveals passwords called IE Passview. The tool is created by
Nir Sofer and is free.

After you have downloaded IE Passview, unzipp the files to a folder.  IE PassView does not require any installation, and can be started by clicking on iepv.exe. After running iepv.exe, IE PassView scans all Internet Explorer passwords in your system, and display them on the main window.


IE PassView utility can recover 3 types of passwords that are stored in the registry, credential files, and protective storage:

  • AutoComplete Passwords – user and account passwords when enter in a Web page that contains a form with user/password fields and a login button.
  • HTTP Authentication Passwords – Some Web sites allow the user to enter only after typing user and password in a separated dialog-box. If you choose to save the password in this login dialog-box, the password is saved as HTTP authentication password.
  • FTP Passwords – passwords used with of FTP sites (ftp://…)

You can then save the user name and passwords in a file by selecting File – Save Selected Items. If you have previously cleared your browsing history and selected to clear passwords, you will not be able to recover passwords that were previously saved.


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April 16, 2007

Jean BEUCHET @ 11:04 am #

Could you help me for the following problem: after having checked the Internet tools, IE 7 does'nt want to record any passwords when going on website. I mean, the window opening does'nt mention any possibilities to record the password. Another problem, certainly linked with the first is with filezilla: when I want to record a new FTP connexion and if I close and open later, the connexion informations are lost…

June 3, 2009

Pablo I Loya @ 9:52 pm #

I had my web site made and the designer left me with out the password to up date the website since 2 years i have nt changed the web page

March 2, 2010

i lost my web site password because company owner of hosting died and other staff dont know the pass so how can i recover my hosting pass word and domain also

August 17, 2010

Simphiwe @ 2:34 pm #

I just bought a new usb modem,when I go on google or any other password it requires password I can't even remember my password.How can I download that internet explorer 7 because I can't even go on internet?

December 28, 2010

manoj @ 10:33 am #

my tendollerclickcom login password is lost. then i apply a recover password but server reply that your password is sent to your email ads. but i nothing recive in inbox
please tellme how i can recive my password for login to please help me
panwar manoj fatehabad

May 6, 2012

abanob @ 6:00 am #

thank you very much

abanob @ 6:00 am #

thank you very much ilove you

abanob @ 6:01 am #

pleas pleas help me to give me a pas word i forget to pasword

September 22, 2012

Irene @ 11:52 pm #

Hi, I tried to download the free IE Password program and received an error from Windows telling me that it was suspected malware. Please advise & thanks!

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