How To Fix Wrong Timestamps On Gmail Messages


gmaillogo.jpgLately, I'm noticing that all my messages in Gmail have the wrong time displayed on each message (everything is off by three hours). I checked my PC timezone settings and everything looks correct. I even check my Gmail  settings but there are no configuration settings to change the timezone settings.

Where in the world does Gmail get the time information for email messages to I can set the correct timzone??

Wow I see what you mean. I usually don't pay much attention to my account settings on the Internet (forums, online email accounts, etc…) but when I checked my Gmail messages, I also notice the same results…the time stamp is wrong on my email messages.

NOTE: to see the time stamp, open a message, then click on the show details link next to the date on the message.

You would think that the timezone setting can be changed in the Settings options of your Gmail account, but you can't. Instead, since the timezone information is a global setting, you need to change it at your Google account settings.

  • Here, you will see your Google account Personal information with the current time zone setting.

  • To change it, click on the Edit link next to Personal information. Then in the account information screen, choose your timezone by clicking on the check box next to Display all timezones followed by change the timezone (using the pull down arrow).

  • Once you make the change, click on the Save button at the bottom of the screen, followed by clicking on the Back link in the yellow confirmation notice.

You should now see the correct timezone displayed on the Personal information screen. To go back to your Gmail mailbox, click on the Gmail link on the right. The time stamps on your messages should now be correct.

If the time is still wrong, check the timezone setting of your your PC clock. It's probably needs to be change to the correct timezone setting that you want.

If you ever need to get to your Google account settings from Gmail, click on the Settings link (upper right of screen) , then select the Account tab. Scroll down to Google Account settings section and you will see the link for Google account settings.

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October 16, 2008

Gyanendra Ojha @ 2:29 pm #


I have apply your suggestion but that same problem still there. can you suggest any more suggestion?


Gyanendra Ojha

December 3, 2008

Saskia @ 7:41 am #

I also have the same problem but changing the Google timezone or my computer's didn't help. The funny thing is that the timestamp is correct in the inbox, but upon opening the mail I get another – wrong – timezone?

January 28, 2009

johny @ 2:00 pm #

you also need to correct your local time settings to your time zone in your computer clock

March 4, 2009

Jeetendra KP @ 1:47 pm #

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March 22, 2009

Rob Walker @ 9:01 am #

I have read so many fixes like this – and they don't work.
I have set the correct time zone etc in account settings.
Checked the PC time settings.
Still have the problem.
Can anyone help?

Rob Walker @ 11:07 am #

Thanks for the suggestions.
How would I do that?

Rob Walker @ 11:09 am #

Ok I can find the cookies
Rather than delete them all – which means losing a lot of passwords etc Can I choose a particular one ones to delete? What would be the clue?

Rob @ 12:28 pm #

I appreciate that quick response. I found cookies with the words "Google" Are you saying to delete only those.

Rob @ 3:09 pm #

Some more information: I went on another computer and the time there was fine on gmail – but I received it here are the wrong time! So it is in my computer! I have tried checking for DST etc. But to no avail. Any suggestions welcome?

March 23, 2009

jas @ 6:23 pm #

I have the EXACT same problem as Rob, and as far as I know, it was not here few days ago.
ime stamps on all other computers are fine, but when I check on my laptop, they are 1 hr behind. my laptop time is correct, i have the correct time zone selected ( in laptop as well as gmail )
since its only when I check gmail on laptop, i think something has to be fixed on my computer.
I am getting the "DNS server unavailable" error when I try to sync tiem with any of the options mentioned under time.
any help ??

Rob @ 11:17 pm #

So clearly for me the problem is within Microsoft Outlook, which is affecting Google (since the Outlook messages are forwarded to Google.) Outlook was also affecting the time when Blackberry was sinc-ed with it. No problem when I use Google on another computer! I have tried all the regular fixes like the computer's time setting and daylight savings time etc etc.
Any ideas?

May 7, 2009

dean @ 2:12 pm #

same as me suggestion??

September 26, 2009

Wendy @ 2:10 pm #

After trying EVERYTHING I went to the same page (google account) and instead of changing the time zone in the edit profile section I clicked on Doc settings (further down on the same page). I changed the time zone and saved the change. When I opened up my gmail inbox the time was right! How come google help didn't tell us there is an option to change the time zone in google docs?

December 15, 2009

Susan Deborah @ 1:03 pm #

Dear All:

Wendy's plan works. I fixed the time in Google Docs and now the time stamp is correct. Thanks dear Wendy for sharing your insights on the time stamp.

Joy always,

December 22, 2009

mode @ 11:34 pm #

I adjusted the time in the Calendar settings in the Google Account settings (listed together with Google Docs settings) and that seems to work too 🙂

January 17, 2010

James @ 7:23 am #

I have tried all of the above but it *STILL* shows up the wrong time on every email sent and received. Every single one! I can't change my country, I change it, click 'save' and it just says 'settings not saved' with no error message.. ??

February 21, 2010

suzie @ 10:08 am #

I have been suffering with this for months.

I have done everything mentioned six or seven times each.

really really frustrated.

and generally when i ask other people – they say the first / easiest thing: change the settings. Um yeah. duh.

I can't get it to work/stick.

really sick of it!

March 11, 2010

Sarah @ 6:30 pm #

I also have the same problem. I recently realised that the time is correct when I check my email on another computer, or on my phone. So it may be something to do with my computer, and not the gmail settings. My computer time settings are accurate, though. Any advice would be appreciated. Much thanks.

March 14, 2010

Mary @ 4:41 pm #

gmail calendar has wrong GMT offset for central time zone. After the time adjustment from daylight savings to standard time, the time zone offset is still at GMT -6 instead of GMT -5. It is playing havoc with appointments.

March 23, 2010

Pouya @ 8:39 pm #

I have the same problem. everything was fine until 2 days ago, but since then my gmail stamps the mails for a different time zone. i tried everything such as changing the time zone in google docs and other places but it didnt fix the problem. my browser shows the right time and time zone when i enter the java code, but the problem is not fixed yet.

any help?

March 24, 2010

Aaron @ 4:17 pm #

I am having the same issues. On my 2 computers and phone receiving gmail the time stamp is off one hour. I verified the correct time zone in google account settings, documents, and calendar but still it is off. I just started noticing this past week. I am in the Central timezone and all messages are off by one hour.

March 26, 2010

James @ 10:12 am #

After putting up with this for a week I decided to try and fix it. And, well, now that I've wasted a God Damn hour on this I f'ing give up. Patience has run out. ALL MY GMAIL TIMESTAMPS ARE AN HOUR IN THE FUTURE. I've done EVERYTHING. Got the timezone update from MS. Changed to Central Time on Google Account settings, Calendar settings, Docs settings, saved every setting, logged out, logged in, cleared all Firefox history since the dawn of time, rebooted, prayed to the Heavens, and NO DICE. Gmail insists I live on the East coast. The only time I see the correct time is when I compose a message and hit "Save Now"…it will then tell me Draft saved at [correct time] (0 minutes ago)…but if then proceed to send it to myself, I'm taken to my inbox, and, what's this? Hey, I can send myself messages I've not yet written?!

Sure Google makes great things, but a time machine is not among them!! Grrrr… PLEASE HELP ME!

March 27, 2010

Mary @ 9:40 am #

I believe the issue is with the GMT offset. When we went back to standard time in Mid-March (originally scheduled for 2:00AM on April 4th), GMAIL didn't update their offset. It reads (for central time zone) GMT -6 instead of what should be GMT -5 with the time change. Looks like we are going to be messed up until April 4th (assuming that is when GMAIL will update their offsets. You could change your account settings to eastern time (if you are in the central time zone). I have chosen not to use the GMAIL calendar till after April 4th.

March 29, 2010

JG @ 3:02 pm #

This is a bug that gmail has to fix. The only solution for now is simple math.
In my case I just need to add 3 hours to all the times. Problem solved!

Pouya @ 4:53 pm #

its just my account that shows the wrong timestamp, both on my computer and other computers. i logged in with another accounts on my computer and they show the right time.

April 2, 2010

Monica @ 12:46 pm #

I just tried everything above: changing the time on my computer, on my BIOS, google account, google calendar, deleting cookies and nothing worked.

Then, I tried to login from another browser (I was using chromium) and time stamps were just fine! :/ I'm so upset :/

April 8, 2010

Lee Stevens @ 7:49 am #

*SOLVED* I managed to fix this by doing all of the recommended. What I think finally did it was actually changing the Time Zone on the 'Date and Time' of Windows.

Although the clock was right, it was showing my Time Zone as being USA.!

I changed this to GMT and also updated the Windows Time and it seemed to work ok.

May 26, 2010

Jeremiah Seacred @ 12:56 pm #

A good question

Searching google accounts help for: timestamp

It says:

"Web History doesn't use the time zone set in your Google Account to determine your current time zone. Instead, Web History uses the time determined by your operating system. "

PS…I was also confused for a while so don't feel bad. My date and time were correct but timezone was wrong on my computer.

June 16, 2010

keon @ 11:03 pm #

i still can not solve this prob
pc date….
doc date…
profile date….
still facing same prob

keon @ 11:13 pm #

but by using other broswer (mozilla)….
it is ok….

August 4, 2010

cisco @ 9:35 pm #

After hours I just figured this out – Lee lead me in right direction. As long as all clocks are set at the right time (all synchronized) it does not matter what zone is as long as they are all the same. Finally!!!

August 16, 2010

Jazz @ 10:51 am #


thanks a million for sharing this Wendy, I've also been trying everything and finally managed to change the time!

October 24, 2010

RICHARD CANINI @ 4:21 pm #

Followed the instruction as best as possible.
Time on Gmails is still wrong. Time on computer is correct, but Gmails oh nooooo.

December 6, 2010

Alex @ 3:41 am #

Just to let everyone know, this will not fix the times on any emails you have already received or sent, but it will make the times correct on any future emails after you apply the fix.

December 11, 2010

Arunansu @ 1:59 am #

yes…mine got corrected…..thanks a lot…………

January 12, 2011

j @ 3:18 am #

Thank you Wendy! nothing else worked but this.

January 20, 2011

T @ 4:03 pm #

In Windows 7 you have both a clock and internet time…I'm not sure how everyone else's operating system is. Once I synchronized my internet time to my clock time, the problem was fixed…all other solutions did not work for me.

Kevin @ 8:27 pm #

I have long had the problem but have just fixed it. My Windows 7 computer clock showed the local time and date correctly but was set to the wrong time zone. I had to change both the time zone and then clock time.

February 1, 2011

sini @ 9:08 am #

@Wendy: Thanks wendy

February 20, 2011

Sateesh @ 2:17 am #

After u've done with setting ur proper time zone on ur gmail a/c,u are also supposed to set same timezone in your computer…After you have done the both works then u can get MS Time what it gives from internet based on your time zone set up in your computer…

i did d same , it worked for me…

March 25, 2011

Mar @ 11:30 am #

Same problems as everyone else and nothing worked until……

Go into your computer task bar and select Adjust Date/Time option and make sure you have the correct time zone and time.

Then select INTERNET TIME and select CHANGE SETTINGS and select the option


Click OK to save and exit.

Now everything works 100 % in my emails time stamp.

It was the stupid INTERNERT TIME option that wasn't updated when your time settings changed.

April 5, 2011 @ 4:07 pm #

i watched an email hit my gmailbox yesterday evening at 5:22 p.m. (i remember the time distinctly because i was talking to someone else about the lack of communication between myself and the emailer at nearly the exact same time) however, today that email shows a time of 4:16 p.m. – whats up with that?

May 12, 2011

Jew @ 2:58 am #

I try as the suggestion of Mar on March 25. I change the time zone of computer. I click Start Menu – select the Control Panel – select Date and Time – select Time Zone (GMT +,- your city) – click Apply and OK – then select the Internet time (same page as Time Zone button) – click Update Now – click OK. It’s workable. Now my message in Gmail is the right stamptime.

June 26, 2011

John Q @ 3:56 pm #

At least for Chrome I also needed to restart the browser for the timezone changes made in my google account to take effect.

December 13, 2011

Jagan @ 1:19 pm #

Yes, I also had the same issue from last week. It worked fine after updating the system time zone and internet time zone as suggested by Mar on May 12, 2011.
Thank you .

January 19, 2012

Don't Know @ 2:32 pm #

I have a Mac. It doesn't have an Internet Time as talked about here. It has an area where you can select a Time Zone or have it set automatically, but my Time Zone is set to the proper Time Zone. I went in and reset the Time Zone to the proper time but as it was already set to the right time, I do not know what else I can do. This only started with the latest incarnation of gmail, the "new" "new" gmail. Now I am getting messages that are hours off course and are nowhere near the right time.

January 31, 2012

Dswisher @ 12:13 pm #

I, too, was getting really frustrated with this. I have not had this issue before with Gmail, but discovered it this morning when emails sent back and forth yesterday led to a communication breakdown based on who sent what when.

I knew something was wrong when someone quoted an email I sent as being 6 hours AFTER they sent theirs, and then at 10:41 am (CST) here, I noticed mine was reporting as 4:41 pm.

Of course I checked system clock and timezone – it's fine.
Of course I checked Google's settings – it's the correct timezone.
I haven't traveled out of my timezone since I first signed up for Gmail.

@Wendy's solution fixed it. It was the Google docs timezone settings (no timezone selected, but CST is -6 from GMT so makes sense). Even the previously sent emails are now reporting correctly. I didn't even know there was a timezone for Google Docs and I haven't used them on this account in years.

So why would Google have two different timezones, what did they change, and why wouldn't they tell us? This proved to be a very serious issue for me!

March 16, 2012

Ronnie @ 10:15 pm #

This is ridiculous that we've been having this problem.

Back to hotmail and facebook for me. Nice work google.

August 21, 2012

swat @ 5:35 pm #

@<a href="#comment-20402 hey thanks to a few pp;l to begin with Mike byods, I tried fixing TIME STAMP ur way but Account setting wudnt lemme save changes and then I read more comments came down to Wendyz still did not know how to get to google docs bt further help came from reading Susan and esp mode helped with mentioning about Calender settings (which u see on top of ur gmail account) which i cud locate easily and managed to fix my problem!!!! hurrray ;p am sooo happy.

September 19, 2012

nat eccs @ 2:00 pm #

@mode: THANKS! Fixed!!!

October 4, 2012

Mya @ 8:42 pm #

Wow, fixed it finally! Thanks!

October 14, 2012

Obs-Sec @ 8:20 pm #

Try to use a different browser. All of my clients that have this problem are using a Mozilla based Browser (FireFox, Opera, Seamonkey). They have the same issue with using Thunderbird as well.
Having them switch to another browser like Chrome or a browser using a completely different engine (maxthon, midori, k-meleon), makes the issue goes away.

While Bios time, Gmail account time, and local system time can play a role in this, if you have CHECKED all of these and the issue still remains… try using a different browser. In my experience this resolves the issue.

December 3, 2012

karan mehra @ 6:29 am #

thank you so much. worked perfectly.

changed the time zone in gmail server and saved it
changed it on my pc timezone and saved it
restarted computer and gmail time stamps are perfect.

May 26, 2014

AHF @ 5:17 pm #

I had the same Gamil issue with our new Windows 8 PC. The clock time (Eastern) in the system tray was correct, but all incoming Gmail was time-stamped 3 hours earlier at Pacific time.

After reading this thread, I finally figured it out! . . .

I opened the PC clock in the system tray and changed the TIME ZONE, first clicking on "change date and time settings." I had assumed it was already Eastern because the clock time had been correct (satellite probably gave it the right time).

By updating the time zone from Pacific to Eastern, then closing and opening gmail — voila!

Good luck, folks!


December 2, 2014

RichieO @ 6:40 am #

I just got a G-mail that is 12 years out of date, today is 2/12/2014 it is dated 2002, no settings have been changed by me, so what is going on???

January 23, 2015

Belinda piyoos @ 11:02 pm #

Good morning i cant get into my email. It ask for verification detail bt that info you got there is not mine bt my husbands telephone nr and old email adress which the email he is not using anymore. What must i do to get access to my own email. I'm desperatly in need to get to my email i cant open it. PLS HELP

February 5, 2015

cherie @ 2:21 pm #

every time i type or paste the link into the browser and click enter or go it redirects to another page with personal info and no edit option. any ideas?

March 13, 2015

Mirla @ 12:12 am #


I found a solution! You have to update your internet time under Date and Time in the control panel!

Go to control Panel —> Go to Clock, Language and Region —–>Date and Time—->click the internet time tab—> click the Change settings, make sure the Synchronize with an internet time server is checked —->click up date now—> when done click on and restart your browser

Hope it helps!

March 26, 2015

Sheetal @ 11:14 am #

Thanks alot!!!

June 1, 2015

Eric Christensen @ 1:02 pm #

The only way I got any of these suggestions to work was with having gmail open while I was setting the time. All of my time settings were fine but it still didn't work until I set them with gmail open. Then old e-mails (from that same day) with the wrong time stamp updated to the correct time stamp. That's all I can add on this subject.

Eric Christensen @ 1:04 pm #

You want to hear something funny! The time stamp on these comments is an hour off!!

July 29, 2015

Sidhant @ 2:56 pm #

Ok, so for everyone who says their machine time is correct but gmail time lags, actually the problem lies in the machine.
Even if your machine shows correct time, the timezone can be wrong. To update the correct time, click on the computer calendar and go to the last tab "internet time".
Click on change settings, and select "" from drop down. Click update. Now you will see the time that is reflected as the email time stamp.
Now go back and change the time zone with correct time in calendar. Save it
Refresh your email account and you will see the correct time.

April 7, 2016

Sheri @ 8:09 pm #

of all these comments, yours was the only one that worked!! Thanks

May 22, 2016

Email @ 2:19 pm #

I could recompose the date and time of the email (such as Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook, Icloud, YaHoo, Aol, or the School Email) for whatever you like—to the future or for the past. for example, late to submit ur work? but still want it to appear you sent it before deadline? contact me if you need any help.

September 16, 2016

johnny @ 1:46 pm #

just go to your time and calendar on the bottom right side and fix your time zone settings and all is fixed on your gmail time, that's all there is to it. simple right.

October 8, 2016

shinelinaung @ 12:09 am #

Dear Fr
Gmail Inbox times is no same to country time

January 21, 2017

monica @ 2:01 am #

July 29, 2015
Sidhant @ 2:56 pm comment was correct and helped me fix my issue.

YOU MUST change your machine/ computer calendar TIME ZONE is ACCURATE (under date and time tab) so that gmail email times are accurate.

February 4, 2017

Vince Turco @ 6:05 pm #

Nothing here works. I don't know when this time stamp issue started on my PCs.
Same issue on two PCs and one laptop. All have correct time zone etc.
Cannot be a local computer problem.

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