How To Find Your IP Address On Ubuntu Linux


ubuntulogo.jpgWhen it comes to networking, knowing your IP address can be essential with troubleshooting problems.

For any Window user who is new to Ubuntu and Linux, more than likely the first problem you will encounter is making sure your Ubuntu computer has been configured with an IP Address if you run into network problems.

On Windows computers viewing the address is a simple task…while finding your IP address in Ubuntu is just as easy using a built-in graphical tool or a terminal window.

For new Windows users to Ubuntu Linux, the best way to find your IP Address is to right click on the network icon on the top panel System tray and select Connection Information from the menu.


Once the Connection Information window opens, all active network connections will be displayed showing the IP address, Subnet Mask, Default Route, Primary DNS as well as other useful information such as the adapter MAC address (shown as Hardware Address).


More than likely, your connection will be eth0 (ethernet adapter 0), which is the case on my computer and is a wired connection.

When finished reviewing click Close to exit.

For those who prefer to work at the command prompt, open a Terminal Window by clicking on Applications \ Accessories \ Terminal.

To display your computer IP address, enter the following command at the command prompt:


You will see the information displayed similar to the below screen shot. On my computer my IP Address is shown next to inet addr for adapter eth0.

For Windows users, ifconfig is a somewhat familiar tool to ipconfig which is used to display the computer IP Address as well as to reset other network adapter settings.

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May 20, 2011

Dev @ 1:12 pm #

I never actually thought you can do it offline on linux and I personally have depended on online tools like IP Elk on doing so. This clearly is a sign for a change for me, so bookmarked for now and Thanks alot!


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