How To Email Events To Guests In Google Calendar


googlecalendarlogo.pngIf you have not notice, Google Calendar now has a new feature that will allow you to email guests any event created in your Google calendar. Along with emailing events, you can also add a message before sending.


To email an event, access you Google Calendar and either create an event (if you do not have one you want to email) or click on an event, and then click the edit event details link.



Next, in the Guest section look for the Email guests link in the upper right corner next to the email icon.



The Send an Email Guests window will be displayed, allowing you add a message text or modify the To: list before sending the event. You can also choose to send the event to yourself.



When finished, click Send to send the event. Pretty cool. Thanks Google!

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March 19, 2010

Frank Lekens @ 5:58 pm #

Much more relevant: how to turn OFF this stupid guest shit in Google? Suddenly it starts adding this BS to all my private calendar items. Totally weird.

March 22, 2010

gf @ 9:03 am #

i agree tell me how to turn this shit off or i will abandon google calendar.

November 21, 2010

Marc @ 10:34 pm #

@gf: Um, just don't add any guests to your events? What more do you want?
Also, it's not adding events to your calendar, it's displaying the invitations. If you don't want to accept them, say no. Or you can block the email of the inviter. Or you can set up the auto-decline feature in Calendar's Labs section.

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