How To Configure Automatic Updates Schedule In Ubuntu


ubuntulogo.jpgA great feature in Ubuntu is the automatic update feature, which functions in the same way as Windows Update, to help keep your computer updated with the latest software and security updates.

By default, your Ubuntu system will check for updates daily which can be an annoyance depending on the amount of packages and programs you have installed. Instead, change how often Ubuntu checks for updates to your preference.

As with any Linux distribution, Auto Update schedule can be modified from the command prompt. Instead Ubuntu includes a nice GUI interface which we'll use in this tutorial.

To access the tool, just right click on Automatic Update notification icon on the top panel and select Preference.


NOTE: You can also access Auto Update tool from the top panel menu by clicking System \ Administration \ Software Sources.

After the tool opens, click on the Updates tab and in the Automatic updates section, click on the arrow and select how often you want Ubuntu to check for updates. Your choices are:

  • Daily
  • Every two days
  • Weekly
  • Every two weeks


You can also select how you want to be notified of updates either by no confirmation (updates are installed automatically), downloading updates in the background (make sure you have enough available disk space) or just with a notification that updates are available (pdates are not downloaded until you confirm).

When finished with making your selections, click Close to save your changes.

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April 27, 2017

tm @ 6:08 pm #

So where is the scheduler?

We also need to setthe time of day we want the download check.

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