How To Check If Your Ipod Has A Virus


After September 2006 a number of apple iPods had been shipped with a Windows virus. Luckily for most MP3 and iPod users only a very small number are actually infected and this virus which only affects windows computers is called the RavMonE.exe virus. So, how do you check or remove this iPod virus?

First if you have your ipod attached to your PC and have the latest anti virus software installed this should automatically detect and clean your pc/iPod of any virus present including the ravmone.exe virus. The iPod nano, shuffle and mac OS are not affected and the latest iPod video are also guaranteed to be virus free.

First steps to check if your PC or ipod is infected is to download a virus scanner (if you do not have one already installed), there are many free virus scanners available and most new PCs already have these automatically installed. In 99% of cases your iPod will be virus free but it is still best to check. Simply attach your ipod to your PC and run the virus scan.

Your anti virus software will then perform the checks and inform you of any viruses that are resident on your pc/iPod. After the removal of any viruses you should use the very latest version of i-tunes to reinstall the software on your iPod. The ravmone.exe virus is attracted to storage devices and you should also scan all storage devices on your PC just to be sure.

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September 8, 2009

yuri @ 9:30 pm #

how cant i move virus into my ipod nano

yuri @ 9:31 pm #

pls comment me in yahoo if u u know how cant move virus

December 30, 2012

Alaina @ 7:55 pm #

I hpe ont a virils

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