How To Add Multiple Application ToolBars In Windows Vista And XP


winlogo.jpgMany Windows users don't realize that you can create multiple toolbars that can be used to help with productivity when you are working on different tasks. For example you can have one toolbar for displaying folders or one that can be set up with groups of applications that you use when working on specific tasks.

If your not familiar with toolbars, think of them as how the Quick Launch toolbar functions on the Task Bar. It sits next to the Start menu and has applications or programs that you use frequently.

Once you create a toolbar you can dock it anywhere such as the top of your desktop on the side, or even let it float any where on the desktop.


Unlike creating a toolbar that sits off the Taskbar, creating separate toolbars gives you the flexibility to place them anywhere you want on your desktop simply by dragging almost any object to the edge of the desktop.

So you do you make a toolbar. It's easy, here's a video that shows you how.

One tip before getting started, make sure your unlock the taskbar. The video will show you how, if you forgot.

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March 28, 2010

internetrush @ 3:37 pm #

This does not work in vista.

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