Hide Updates Of Facebook Friends In Your News Feed


When it comes to friends and family…it's great to see their updates in your Facebook News Feed, until you had enough of hearing from a particular friend or family member.

When you had enough, one way to silence them in Facebook, is to un-friend them

But, what if you just want to tune them out for a little while, with out them knowing about it or worse, sending the wrong message and unfriend them.

The simple solution is to hide their updates in your Facebook News Feed.

Just go to your Facebook News Feed and find the latest status update of the friend or family member you want to hide.

NOTE: you can also hide updates from pages also.

  • Now when you mouse over the update, you will notice an X will appeared on the top right corner of the update.

  • When clicking on the X, a menu will appear, and by selecting "Hide all by" ….

….you will hide all current and future status updates of your friend or family member.

No more annoying updates and your News Feed is now rid of the noise!

And best of all, you didn't get them mad at you by un-friending them.

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