Get Windows 7 Family Pack At A Cheap Discount


Want to get a 3 licensed copy of Windows 7 Home Premium at a big discount before Microsoft pulls this limited offer for good?

Then don't delay and order your license here.

If you been thinking of upgrading to Windows 7 or have more computers in your house that are running older versions of Windows, then now is the time to take advantage of this limited offer.

Microsoft, is once again, offering a big discount on it's Windows 7 Home Premium family three pack at an incredible price (see here). Normally, the list price is $150, but at the discounted price, you end up getting three  licenses for about $42 each.

Not bad…it's great.

The last time Microsoft offered this was back in 2009.  No knows if they will offer it again in the near future.

What You Get With The License Pack

  • Included in the pack is a combination 32bit and 64 bit DVD. With the family pack, you can install a mix of 32 and 64bit version of Win 7  Home Premium.

So you can have two PC's running 32bit version of Win 7 and another PC running 64bit (or two 64bit and 1 32 bit, how ever you choose, it does not matter).

  • A single product key which can be used to activate three copies of the operating system on three separate computers.
  • The family pack comes with upgrade product keys, meaning you can do an in-place upgrade from Vista to Win 7.

This does not mean you can't do a clean install of Win 7, using the family pack.  As a matter of fact you can, and that's how you need to install Win 7 on XP PC's (and on Vista if you don't want to do an in-place upgrade).  For more information on this, see Paul Thurrott's article.

Win 7 Home Premium Features

For many people, the Home Premium version is all they need over any of the other Win 7 versions, such as Professional and Ultimate, which cost significantly more.

To name a few, some of the features include:

Bluetooth support, much better wireless network support (than Vista), Home group for easier file sharing, built in support for creating DVD's, backup and restore, parental controls, Windows Media Center, media streaming capability, Readyboost (for faster performance), Tablet PC support, and Mobility center.

To see a full feature list for Home Premium and a comparison between all Win 7 versions, check out Microsoft site at this link.

What Are You Waiting For…Time Is Running Out

If you have been procrastinating on purchasing Windows 7, this awesome offer may never be seen again, so now is the time to grab it before it disappears from here.

Just remember, Windows XP support will not be around much longer, and Vista is already on the way out with support from Microsoft. You don't want to be paying alot down the road when you could have saved a bundle of money today.

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January 18, 2011

Ken @ 12:29 pm #

Looks like MS and/or Amazon quickly dumped that deal, just followed the link (1225 EST) and the 3 pack price is listed as $124.99. Oh well….

January 23, 2012

lgm @ 5:13 pm #

I read somwhere that this pack does not run older windows software. To do this you need the pro version.

Caveat emptor, espacially when you buy a Microsoft product.

I have written this note using Ubuntu 11.10. It is amazingly good (Fantastic for Linux). Unless you need a Windows machine for WIndows games I doubt you need Windows anymore.

February 1, 2012

sue ram @ 6:00 pm #

I like it when people like you take the time to educate novice like me about products which promise you the moon.
thanks again to all who have commented.

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