Get More Toolbar Space In Firefox With Tiny Menu


fflogo.jpgIn the never ending quest to find more real estate space on Firefox's toolbar, Tiny Menu add-on extension, does the job. Tiny Menu will consolidate the seven menu choices, which stretch long ways across the toolbar into one drop down menu.

With free space now available, you can customize the unused space on the Menu toolbar with Navigation buttons and remove the Navigation toolbar completely.


When Firefox is first installed, the menu toolbar is displayed in the screen shot below:



With the menus displayed across the toolbar, little space is available after the Help menu for you to try and add all your buttons from the Navigation toolbar.

With Tiny Menu, the menu consolidates into one drop down menu, leaving much more space available (as shown by the arrow):



Installing Tiny Menu is easy. First download Tiny Menu and click on the Install Now button on the Tiny Menu add-ons web page.

After installation has completed, restart Firefox and you will see the Menu as shown in the above screen shot.

To customize the empty space that is now available on the Menu toolbar, right click on the toolbar and select Customize…




You can now drag items from the Navigation Toolbar such as Back/Forward, Reload, Home buttons, Address box or even the Search box onto the empty space on the Menu toolbar.

Once you are completed, right click the Done button to close the Customize Toolbar window, then right click anywhere on the Menu Toolbar and uncheck the Navigation Toolbar



With the Navigation toolbar gone, your Menu toolbar will look like the screen shot below:



Giving you more real estate to view web pages or add a new toolbar!


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