Find Today's Hot Searches On Google With Google Trends


googlelogo.jpgEver wonder what people are searching for on Google today?

With Google Hot Trends you can find out quickly, and be surprised as to what the heck people are looking for!

Some of the searches are predicable, while others are…well you'll just have draw your own conclusions.

Google Hot Trends displays the top 100 hot searches (search terms) of the past hour in the United States. For each search term, it provides a 24-hour search volume graph as well as blog, news and web search results.

To see what's hot, check out today's hot trends.


As you can see, the page list the 100 hot trends for the day. Each trend is a linked, and when clicked on, will re-direct you to another page displaying a twenty four hour graph with peak times.


Below the graph are links to other sources of information, such as news articles, blogs and web search results referencing more information about the trend.


Another nice feature with Google trends is the capability to select other dates by clicking on the change date link (top right of page)…


…or by searching for a keyword or phrase on the Google Trends home page displaying even more information and dates.

Google Trends is a great tool if your are a student researching news items, or you just want to quickly find out what everyone is talking about today, without needing to sift through multiple web sites separately.

But the one feature that I like most is being able to subscribe to Googel Trends RSS feed, which you can find on today's hot trend page in the upper right side of the page:

google-trends6Once you have subscribed, you can easily view today's hot trends, using your favorite RSS reader (either Google Reader, Frefox or Internet Explorer feed readers) or add it to Vista's sidebar.

An iGoogle gadget is also available, which means you can easily add it to your iGoogle home page.

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