Type Less In Firefox With Address Bar Auto Completion


fflogo.jpgYou may have notice, when typing a web site address or URL in Firefox Address Bar (also known as Location Bar), a drop down list of suggestions will appear. The list will match the characters as you type, and if you see the address you need, just select it and Firefox will open the site in the browser window.

This convenient feature is handy, but it does not help if you are trying to reach another page on the web site that is not in the list. Instead, you need to keep typing out the entire web site address.


Wouldn't it be nice if Firefox could auto complete the address so you could do less typing? Well you can with one simple setting…

To enable inline auto completion, open Firefox and enter the following in the Address Bar:


Then in the filter field enter the following:



Just double click on the browser.urlbar.autoFill to change the value from false to true (you can also highlight it and press Enter). When finished, close and re-open Firefox.

Now, when you start typing in the address bar, if there is a match, Firefox will auto complete the address for you as shown below.


Which will make typing much easier and get you moving along much faster!

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