Download And Transfer Music Movies Games From Your PC To Nintendo Wii


wii.jpgIf you are like many gamers out there, you probably realized that playing video games on your Nintendo Wii can be an expensive habit.

Sure, you can crawl around the Internet for some deals, or hacks for downloading, but like myself, you just want to play instead of wasting time searching Google or looking for the best software solution that can copy games or even music and movies to your Wii console.

Fortunately a cool service is now available that makes it easy to accomplish this with out breaking the bank.

The service, Wii Media Downloads allows for unlimited download access with no restrictions on time and bandwidth limits. In addition to games, other media such as movies, music, TV shows and sports programs are also available for download.

What do I like about the service? Plenty and it's simple.

For one, it's a convenient one stop shopping. No more running out to the store to buy the latest game. You just download and transfer to the Wii, with access to a large category selection (over 200) of media any time of the day or night.


No download fees. I paid a one time cost of $49.95 that includes unlimited access, 24 hrs tech support, software and no monthly fees.

The software, which includes easy to follow step by step tutorials and usage instructions, installed with no issues and I was up and running quickly with instant access. Downloading files and transferring to the Wii was easy, but you will definitely want a fast broadband Internet connection since the files are large in size).


Searching for different types of media (games, music, TV shows, etc..) is good. Results were returned quickly and the selection indexed looks to be up to date.

Best of all, Wii Media Downloads comes with a 56 day money back guarantee with no questions asked. This is good news since I have the option to get a refund.

For me this service is turning out to be a great bargain and the convenience I have been looking for. My Wii is now a media center and game console. I'm pretty sure I won't need that money back guarantee any more!

Check it out at Wii Media Downloads.

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May 27, 2008

Ally @ 1:44 pm #

Okay, I have downloaded games, now how do I transfer them to my wii?

July 12, 2008

Linkario @ 8:09 pm #

You need a SD Card.

September 4, 2008

iPhones Review @ 6:10 pm #

Sounds like a good service, It is important to research the product and related services before joining though so that you get the best deal.

January 28, 2010

DAMIEN @ 1:29 am #


February 4, 2010

steven @ 7:58 pm #

where do u even download the games?

April 17, 2010

carlos @ 8:16 pm #

i have donwloaded songs to my SD card now wath? if i want to play one song of that in guitar hero 3 ?? how i do? send E-Mail please i really want to play songs in mi guitar hero

May 30, 2010

Neko @ 7:02 pm #

How do I transfer music to wii console from SD card?

December 10, 2010

Jai @ 3:34 am #

How Do I Get aN sd Card?

January 29, 2011

Beba @ 10:12 pm #

How? or can i download music to my wii?

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