How To Convert Short Unknown URL To Real Web Site Address Before Clicking On Link


More and more, it seems like many web sites (such as social networks) are displaying URL links as a shorten-masked links. The reason for this is to either hide a link or shorten it to keep the link from breaking when sending emails or posting in forums.

Free services such as TinyURL, is one example of how you can create a tiny (short) URL when posting on web sites that tend to cut off long URL's.

The problem for the visitor who visit web sites that display short URL's, is that they have no clue to where the link will take them once they click on it.

Now there are solutions available, such as TinyURL, that offer a preview feature or plugins for Firefox that will translate the URL to the real address of the link. And while all these solutions work fine, either they require installing a plugin (which don't work if you use Internet Explorer) or are time consuming.

Instead there is a better solution that works with any browser that you are using and requires no installation. has a nice solution in the form of a boolmarklett, that will display the real address of the URL link on any web page with one click.

All you need to do is visit and drag their bookmarklet to your browser's toolbar.

Now, when you visit a web page that has a funny looking URL, just click on the Long URL Please bookmarklet and you should now see the real address of the link.

No more guessing where that link is going to take you into cyberspace after clicking on those funny looking URL's (obviously not all links will be converted to the real address, but most will).

If you do use Firefox and prefer to use an addon, Long URL Please does offer one. Just visit their site and look for the button Install Firefox Extension on their home page.

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