How To Block Popups In Firefox After Allowing Popups For Sites


fflogo.jpgI just started using Firefox and am having a problem. I went to a site and noticed the warning message that appeared at the top alerting me that Firefox prevented the site from opening a popup window. I clicked on the options tab and by mistake allowed popups for the site. Now every time I go to the site I get those annoying popups.

How can I fix this and block popups for the site?

That's a common mistake which can be easily reversed so you can block those annoying popups from opening windows all over the desktop.

When Firefox encounters a site that uses popups, you will notice the alert message which appears at the top of the main window.


Clicking the Options button on the right side of the alert, will give you three selections.


If you had selected the first option (Allow popups for…) the site will be allowed to display popups and you will never see the alert message again.

To undo and block popups for individual sites, click on:

  • Tools \ Options.. from the toolbar menu.
  • Click on the Content tab.
  • Then click on the Exceptions… button next to Block pop-up windows.


In the Allowed Sites – Popups dialog box, highlight the site, you want to block for popups, and click Remove Site button. Then click Close and OK to exit.


(If popups still appear, you may need to close and re-open Firefox).

Now the next time you visit that site, it will be free of those annoying popups.

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November 7, 2007

amos @ 6:36 pm #

Im trying to block certain sites from my computer, but i don't know how with firefox, is it possible to block sites??

November 8, 2007

amos @ 8:32 pm #

thanks a bunch! this really helps

July 31, 2008

Concordbridge @ 12:56 am #

With IE, I can allow a one-time popup by holding the key while in the browser window. Is there a way to do that with Firefox? A one-time and a keystroke would be much better than Allow, Remember, Open file, and Delete.

Concordbridge @ 12:58 am #

Correction: with IE a one time popup can be allowed holding the "control" key.

August 1, 2008
January 21, 2010

stanw @ 1:47 am #

To enable/disable pop-up in Firefox installed in Ubuntu, you may follow this steps:
1. Click on Edit >> Preferences
2. Click on the tab "content"
3. You may check/uncheck for "Block Pop-up windows" for blocking/unblocking.

if this resolve your problem, may wont mind your comment.

Concordbridge @ 11:48 am #

Thanks, for the comment. Not all pop-ups are evil. From time to time, I allow them, but sometimes just for a single instance. I would like to see Firefox tweaked to have a toggle which allows the pop-up for one time only. A single keystroke or perhaps a paired keystroke, such as or . Even better would be a checkbox in the pop-up blocker window which says "A pop-up has been blocked. Do you want to allow pop-ups from this site? Never? One time only? Always?"

August 11, 2010

JB @ 9:47 am #

Well they aren't working now. It figures that sooner or later the people who make money off of them would find a way around it. Now I have some places that actually jam up my browser like they did years ago when pop=ups were so popular. The survivors are those who have no knowledge of how tro program timed pop=ups so you get log jammed with them.

November 18, 2010

Mr. Dang @ 12:22 am #

thanks, it supports me too much.

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